Interview on the importance of our voice, featured on MBC صباح الخير يا عرب .

How can the voice be a tool for awakening? The voice carries emotions, colours, depth and much more. It functions hand in hand with breathing, and the body is its home and support. Knowing the energy of our voice tells us if we are talking from a past or projected place. When we learn how to master the voice, it becomes a tool, guiding us to anchor more in the present moment. The beauty of that work, is that the voice is available to us at all times, which makes it easier for us to regulate and discipline ourselves into conscious awareness.

Interview on anger management, featured on MBC صباح الخير يا عرب .

How do you deal with your anger? Anger is an active (aggressive) emotion which must be released. If we do not learn how to release & express our emotions in a healthy way, those emotions get blocked and we feel

a ‘dis-ease’ which eventually affects our physical body. Anger affects the upper back and shoulder areas.

By simple exercises such as beating a stack of pillows at home and using your voice to release the anger that energy can be released from the body and we start feeling better. We feel more able to deal with our every day situations instead of blowing up like a volcano.