• Holistic Studies & Counselling
  • Certified Coach & Master NLP
  • Adolescent Mental Health First Aider
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • DIPTAC in Anatomy, Pathology & Physiology
  • Bachelors in Media & Design (UK)

My name is Nathalie and I am a Holistic Counsellor based in Dubai.

My interest in the mind-body relationship began after my own personal experience of dealing with depression several times in my life, as an adolescent and young adult. I had never learnt how to express my sadness or anger and ended up creating a false self or ‘mask’ in order to deal with life. The energy consumed by that mask eventually became too heavy to bear and led me to my breaking point. That was when I realised I could only heal once I understood how my mind and the inner system worked.

In June of 2013, I completed a 4-year course in Holistic Studies with the Munira Nusseibeh School for Holistic Studies in Amman, Jordan. It was during the course that I was introduced to the powerful mind-body connection. Since then I have taken other courses in order to expand my knowledge on the human body and mind relationship. I am very passionate about my journey. The strength and knowledge which I gained have given me the opportunity to help others. My aim is to work with those who come to me with the intention to expose and heal their pain. That is when I can help them reach a deeper understanding of themselves in order to achieve happiness and more fulfilment in their lives. It is through my personal pain that I feel blessed and able to relate to my clients and their own pain.


  • EMCC Certified Coach (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)
  • Certified Master Coach with The Mindgym
  • Certified Voice & Body Coach for Artists
  • Feldenkrais Breathing Technique
  • Sanbo Kyodan School of Zen Bhuddhism Zazen Meditation Practitioner
  • Masters in Economics (La Sorbonne, France)

I am Noura Sadaka. After a masters in Economics, I turned to my long life longing: singing and acting. I decided to work on my voice technically, as talent is not enough if it is not nurtured.

I know that I was actually working as well on my emotional being, unblocking trauma and dealing with weighing negative emotions that I wasn’t aware of, or consciously chose to ignore.

This work gave me freedom and enhanced my creativity. I was able to fully be myself onstage, write my own songs and create strong characters through my acting career. It was all about leadership even if this word is not really used in the art world. All artists are leaders in their own expressions, and this knowing opened the way for me to deepen my work on body and voice on stage. Hence

I enrolled in a train the trainer program with the Studio des variétés in Paris France and worked on voice, body, presence, breathing, writing, concept creating for artists and artistic identity. I also engaged in meditation practice since 2000, called Zazen that follows the Sanbo Kyodan school of Zen Buddhism.

Along the way, I discovered that I was more of a person who likes to share her knowledge and help people bridge their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual worlds in order to hold and fully embrace their humanity. I certified as a corporate coach in Dubai, to understand the corporate world and bring art to the firm in a deeply connected way. Today I cater to both worlds, the artistic and the corporate through courses, workshops and one on one sessions.

My method is based on all my practice, my years of teaching, my own experience and therapeutical work on myself, lots of research and curiosity in the human being, a need to pass on knowledge and the courage and strength to offer what I know because I specifically lived it.