Holistic Counseling with Nathalie

A holistic view means looking at the ‘whole’, which in counselling means dealing with all three levels of our being: the mental, the emotional and the physical levels.

Once a thought is formed, an image is created and a belief is born. Those images and beliefs are energies which reside in our energy field, (a field which exists inside and all around our physical bodies), these images and beliefs affect the energy flow in different parts of our bodies. The energy becomes out of balance leading to energy blocks and eventually ‘dis-ease’ in the energy flow surrounding the organs and physical body.

 I counsel my clients into healing themselves by setting out on a journey to uncover early beliefs which may have been formed due to distress, pain or trauma.

Understanding the mind-body relationship requires digging deep into our psyche and uncovering long established images and beliefs. By bringing those beliefs into our conscious mind, and looking at them through adult eyes we can better understand where they may have originated from, the energy blocks they have created and the patterns that resulted. The energy attached to the latter can then eventually be released, creating happiness and more fulfilment in our lives.

By working on all three levels of our being starting with our belief system, we work on validating, expressing and releasing our emotions, restoring the energy flow within us and healing the physical body, thus creating happiness and more fulfilment in our lives.

I  work with:

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Emotional blocks, and
  • Relationship issues

The counselling sessions are approximately an hour long and take place in person or online.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a form of energy healing based on ancient traditional medicine taken from the Chinese & other cultures. This science deals with releasing physical blockages and discomforts by tracing them back through energy lines or meridians along our bodies. In this form of energy work, combining mental (thought forms) with emotional release leads to stimulating energy blocks at certain points in our bodies. Tapping into these energy blocks results in both a psychological as well as physical healing.

When the physical release accompanies an emotional and mental release, the results are very powerful and long-lasting.

Hands-on energy healing

Energy healing is the work done on the ‘Human Energy Field’ which integrates and surrounds our physical bodies. It works hand in hand with the counselling. Once a memory or belief is brought into our conscious mind by talking about it and expressing the pain attached to it, the energy blocks can be cleared and the healing process aided using hands-on healing. The healing may take place in person or at a long distance.

Exercises using NLP

Neuro refers to the mind. Linguistic refers to the language we use which our mind listens and reacts to. Programming is how we have programmed and conditioned ourselves into certain behaviours.

NLP is a set of tools which can help us ‘re-program’ the way our mind functions so that it can better serve us.

The mind is such a sensitive and beautifully complex organ. It is there listening to all our thoughts, words and desires. We need to learn how to best use it to our advantage by reprogramming the way we think and becoming aware of the words we choose as we speak, making sure we use the ones most beneficial for our happiness and well-being.


This is a self-awareness and self-healing workshop to help you avoid burnout in your personal and professional life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, drained and crushed by the pressures of work, family, relationships and life in general, and that it is all too much to handle, then this workshop is for you.

Combining eastern wisdom and modern psychology, the 7 chakras in 7 weeks workshop was designed to help you become the catalyst of change in your life and achieve the mental well-being and happiness you deserve.

We will help you discover the connection between mind, spirit and body and the impact your mental state has on your physical health. During the workshop, you will learn simple daily techniques for releasing all those pent-up emotions and managing your mental well-being independently of others.


This is a 21 hour wellness workshop divided into 7 three-hour sessions over 7 weeks. Each session combines learning, meditation and exercises.