7 Chakras in 7 Weeks Workshop

This is a self-awareness and self-healing workshop to help you avoid burnout in your personal and professional life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, drained and crushed by the pressures of work, family, relationships and life in general, and that it is all too much to handle, then this workshop is for you.

Combining eastern wisdom and modern psychology, the 7 chakras in 7 weeks workshop was designed to help you become the catalyst of change in your life and achieve the mental well-being and happiness you deserve.
We will help you discover the connection between mind, spirit and body and the impact your mental state has on your physical health. During the workshop, you will learn simple daily techniques for releasing all those pent-up emotions and managing your mental well-being independently of others.

This is a 21 hour wellness workshop divided into 7 three-hour sessions over
7 weeks. Each session combines learning, meditation and exercises.

It is a perfect workshop for anyone already on their healing and self-discovery journey. It is also perfect for anyone curious to learn about the body, emotions and mind connection. Whether you’ve studied the subject before, attended other healing workshops or not, this workshop will help you dive deeper into your own holistic wellness – advancing your knowledge and increasing your confidence.

• A deeper knowledge of your body and its functions
• Awareness of the connection between your thoughts and emotions and your physical body
• An understanding of why certain things happen or keep happening in your life
• The confidence in dealing with yourself, others and the circumstances that life throws at you
• The ability to identify the underlying causes of health issues, and to reverse and heal them
• Practical steps to achieving your health and wellness on all levels

Week 1: Our Physical Structure. Working with Fear and Anxiety.
Week 2: Our Reproductive Organs. Learning about Self Love and Emotional Boundaries.
Week 3: Our Digestive Center. Our Personal Identity and Manifesting our Life.
Week 4: The Heart and our Relationships.
Week 5: The Throat. Our Inner Truth and Outer Voice.
Week 6: Our Inner Vision and The World We Create.
Week 7: The Brain and Our Connection To Everything.