My name is Nathalie,

I am a holistic counsellor, designer and the founder of Taabeer Personal Coaching Services LLC.
During the last eleven years I have been able to help adults, as well as teenagers, overcome challenging issues which range from low self-esteem and anxiety to depression stress and relationship issues.

With a background in design and 27 years of experience in the corporate world, my interest in the mind-body relationship began after my own personal struggle with depression three times between the ages of 16 and 36. At the age of 36 I realized that conventional medicine (anti-depressants) were not helping me resolve any issues, neither were they change anything in my life. I started having a deep thirst to understand what was going on inside my mind and body to change. By pure serendipity I got introduced to a Holistic Counsellor who worked with me daily throughout the summer of 2006, and enrolled in her 4 year diploma course of ‘Holistic Studies’. Her course looked at a person’s overall holistic wellness. By delving into the psyche, energy field, belief system and physical body, this science helped me uncover layers upon layers of suppressed emotions and trauma over the years, and gave me the tools to release my old self and create a life of wellness and happiness. My personal journey has led me across many years of digging into my psyche in order to understand the whole, very sensitive, relationship the mind has with the emotions and the physical body.

By the end of those 4 years I felt renewed, empowered and so much stronger than ever before. I understood the role I had played, and kept playing, in my life circumstances. I understood how all my suppressed sadness and anger had affected the flow of energy in my physical body and that by suppressing part of the energy all of it was blocked. Depression was the result of the stagnation of energy flow in my body. I set my intention on releasing everything in the proper way and freeing my body to find inner peace, joy and physical wellbeing. I continued my studies in anatomy pathology and physiology and became a master and coach in neuro-linguistic psychology. My thirst for knowledge continues as I grow in the field of Holistic Wellness. I am an accredited member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

Through my one on one counselling sessions I help my clients better understand their issues and struggles and reach wellness and happiness in a holistic way. My method revolves around talking or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and reaching memories long buried in our subconscious mind and tapping into our energy field. Once we shed light on old memories which have caused the stagnation of energy flow in the body, and perhaps even physical dis-ease, my clients are able to see the part they play in their life circumstances, and that is when we can make a choice of becoming active and responsible towards our own holistic wellness. I also offer energy healing sessions either at distance or from home.

I offer a variety of workshops which help in our overall holistic health, such as creating vision boards to attract what we desire into our lives. In 2019 I put a 21 hour workshop together and called it ‘An Introduction to Our Chakra System’. This workshop runs every two months and is targeted at helping people better understand the way the mind – emotion – body relationship works. This seven week workshop has recently given birth to a series of much shorter workshops which cover some of the topics such as dealing with anxiety, fear, depression, grief, shame, guilt, abandonment, sadness and anger, to learning how to create abundance, security, self love, healthy boundaries, establishing loving romantic relationships, having clear communication, and working on our spirituality. It has been through my personal pain that I feel blessed and able to relate to my clients needs and their own journey.