Workshops: Creating your Reality


A vision board is a visual tool we use to help our brain attract what we want to achieve in our life. It plays on the law of attraction, and that plays a huge part in our lives but most of us are unaware of it.

What we focus our energy on is what gets invited into our lives. And since everything is energy, we may as well focus our thoughts and emotions to attract what we want more of in our lives. It is a fun morning or afternoon spent re-enforcing our power of creativity.

The law of attraction plays a crucial part in our lives and most of us may not even be aware of it. Even in our misery we are actively responsible for attracting our life circumstances. Our thoughts are connected to our feelings and they are connected to our physical bodies. All of it is energy. Our thoughts are energies which affect our beliefs and those are energies we emit into the universe. The universe is there to answer our prayers – we are all energy and we are all connected. Energy comes from elevated emotions as well as thoughts. So best send out the energy with the message of what we desire. When you think you are successful but you do not FEEL successful you will still come up against challenges and obstacles and really struggle. But if you think you are successful and FEEL successful your brain will keep bringing back to you that which will mirror how you are feeling.

This workshop has always left attendees giggling and leaving full of energy after the hands on creative process, as well as looking joyful having pasted their dreams and goals up on their board.

This workshop is 2 to 3 hours long.

375 AED per person for 8 attendees.
350 AED per person for 10 attendees.250 AED per person for over 18 attendees.
250 AED per person for 18+ attendees.

Special corporate rates available upon request.

These will be updated each time a workshop is scheduled.