Holistic Counselling

A holistic view means looking at the ‘whole’, which in counselling means dealing with all three levels of our being: the mental, the emotional and the physical levels. Once a thought is formed, an image is created and a belief is born. Those images and beliefs are energies which reside in our energy field, (a field which exists inside and all around our physical bodies), these images and beliefs affect the energy flow in different parts of our bodies. The energy becomes out of balance leading to energy blocks and eventually ‘dis-ease’ in the energy flow surrounding the organs and physical body. I counsel my clients into healing themselves by setting out on a journey to uncover early beliefs which may have been formed due to distress, pain or trauma.

Understanding the mind-body relationship requires digging deep into our psyche and uncovering long established images and beliefs. By bringing those beliefs into our conscious mind, and looking at them through adult eyes we can better understand where they may have originated from, the energy blocks they have created and the patterns that resulted. The energy attached to the latter can then eventually be released, creating happiness and more fulfilment in our lives.

By working on all three levels of our being starting with our belief system, we work on acknowledging, validating, expressing and releasing our emotions, restoring the energy flow within us and healing the physical body, thus creating happiness and more fulfilment in our lives. The subjects I work with cover a wide range of issues ranging from stress and anxiety, anger, sadness, grief, all emotional blocks, low self-esteem, feeling lost, depression as well as relationship issues.

The sessions are 60 minutes long, in person or over zoom.

One session is 550 AED
Package of 3 is 1,500 AED
Package of 5 is 2,500 AED plus you receive a complimentary energy healing anytime after the 3rd session

* Please note that all packages need to be paid in full prior to starting the sessions.

My working hours are Tuesday – Sunday 9am – 5pm with Mondays off.

My personal as well as professional experience has proven to me that this work needs a minimum number of sessions, just like working with a nutritionist, a dietician or a gym coach would. I leave the option up to you. In any case the sessions are best taken once every 7 to 10 days maximum to feel a change and a shift.

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