‘I attended the Chakra healing workshop with Nathalie Khalaf and it was one of the best things I have ever done for my self . This workshop was an eye opener . I got to know what a balanced chakra can do to your life . How blocked chakras can affect you mentally, physically and emotionally. I now know a lot of stuff about myself that I didn’t know before.
I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to really work on themselves and fix any problem that they may have in their lives. Thank you, Nathalie, for this amazing workshop.’
(Lina Aloul, November 2019)


‘What an experience!!! I attended the recent Chakra Healing Workshop that was given by Nathalie Khalaf over the last 2 Thursdays, and it was such an eye opener. They were so many “aha” moments, when I discovered something new about myself, or when I realized why people act in certain ways and how we can all change if we want to. The sessions were so informative and easy to follow, and the best part is that you get 7 booklets you get to keep so you can always turn back to them if you need to. I loved doing the exercises that Nathalie recommended to balance the chakras. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in getting to know themselves better or just curious about this fascinating subject.
Thank you, Nathalie and Taabeer, for this amazing and truly enriching experience.’
(Masa Aloul, November 2019)


‘Had a wonderful experience with the Chakra course. Nathalie is well informed and speaks from the heart. I highly recommend it for everyone who wants to understand themselves and what’s holding them back on a deeper level.’
(Lamia Tabaa, November 2019)


‘Had a such great experience with Nathalie Khalaf and her an introduction to chakra system workshop. It was far beyond my expectations! A real eye opener! I believe that we all have ability to heal ourselves by ourselves – only we need to have the right tools. This course is one of those tools everyone should have access to. I had so many Aha moment, amazing! Booklets are created by Nathalie and they are a piece of art! I would recommend this workshop to everyone regardless at what stage of personal journey you are – you well get out it something special and meant just for you! Thank you Nathalie.’
(Anna Kan, August 2020)


‘I had heard about the Taabeer ‘Chakra’ workshop and I was intrigued about the concept of energy movement within the human body especially in a time where I was also in a place in my life where I was experiencing the feeling of being ‘stuck in a rut’ and unable to move forward. However, as a scientist I was initially sceptical about joining a workshop on ‘chakras’ but decided to give it a go, as I had heard it was based on a systematic and logical approach.
I can safely say that this workshop has exceeded all my expectations. The 7 week workshop structure of theory and practice brought many questions and observations, which I had ignored or not questioned as a potential source of my issues, to the forefront. The workshop is intensive and has a large amount of information to absorb, but #nathaliekhalaf has structured it in a fun and diverse manner which combines theory and exercises as well as a discussion on content. She uses her counselling skills and own experience to help clarify information and issues which workshop attendees are going through. Her course material is so well designed and comprehensive that it invites the reader to go through it over and over again to cement the learning experience.
I would highly recommend this workshop to those who like me where intrigued and beginners, or to those with a more advanced understanding of energy flow and how it can affect our lives.
(Reem Lascelles, August 2020)


‘I recently finished the Introduction to the Chakra System/Healing from Within workshop led by Nathalie Khalaf and would highly recommend it! Although I had some basic prior knowledge of chakras, Nathalie’s workshop was rich with information and took my knowledge to a deeper level. The workshop led to a lot of self-discoveries and I have already sensed a change happening within! The easy manner with which Nathalie led the workshop encouraged conversation and discussion and I felt comfortable sharing personal experiences as well as asking questions. Nathalie is friendly and approachable. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and gentle in her guidance. Overall an excellent workshop for anyone hoping to gain a deeper knowledge of oneself!’
(Leena Farkouh, August 2020)


‘I very much enjoyed the Chakra workshop delivered by Nathalie. Though I had some background about energy centers, the workshop was an eye-opening experience and journey of inner exploration. It helped me understand myself better and pinpoint past experiences that have left their mark and are now ready to be released.
Highly recommended for individuals seeking to understand themselves and willing to embark on a transformational journey.’
(Seta Tutundjian, September 2020)


‘I took an introduction to our chakra system with Nathalie Khalaf. I have to say it opened up my eyes to our chakras and explained allot in terms of feelings and changes I have been going through. For the longest time the connection between the heart and mind, the way we use our brain to rationalize decisions we have to make and relationships we are working on along with personal issues and goals we were raised with, are all at odds and we feel stuck and unable to progress in our lives. This course was helpful in peeling away, dissecting and facing all of the hurdles and pressures we put on ourselves sometimes unwillingly. I would recommend her class for anyone in search for enlightenments.
(Lydia Hijjawi, September 2020)


‘I recently completed ‘An Introduction To Our Chakra System’ workshop with Nathalie Khalaf and I have to say that I enjoyed every learning, every story sharing and every thing about this enlightening course. If you are new to this, the workshop would be definitely helpful in understanding more of oneself and exploring ways to attain what we want. If you are familiar with this type of energy, the course will be a great reminder to working on things which we tend to forget during our busy life and puts us back on the right path to exploring and changing in a positive way. Nathalie puts everyone at ease with her warm approach and her knowledge is beyond helpful. A highly recommended workshop and coach.’
(Chantal Hobeika, December 2020)


I will surely miss it. This workshop was my savior. Learning a lot about myself, exchanging experiences and learning how to heal have made me stronger. I can’t thank enough our coach dear Nathalie Khalaf for her guidance and teaching. She is an AMAZING PERSON. Thanks to Ms. Khalaf I learned to overcome some of my issues and my life is changing to better. I definitely recommend joining the workshops. I wish you all love, happiness, peace and good health.’
(Daria Mahmoud, December 2020)


‘I have recently completed “AN INTRODUCTION TO OUR CHAKRA SYSTEM” workshop by Nathalie Khalaf.
And what a beautiful, amazing and transformational experience I had!
I’ve always wanted to learn about my chakras, as I’ve been told I have some blocked chakras. BUT, it wasn’t just that!
It was truly a journey of self-exploration, self-healing and self-empowerment.
From the second session i started feeling THE MAGIC. The “AHA” moments were so many, being able to realize “why I do What I do” was one of the greatest learning from this workshop.
This workshop takes you deep into exploring your inner self, creating balance, confidence, self love, support, redefining your boundaries4
And much much more.
The information I learned in 7 weeks, was an eye opener to so many patterns I was trapped in.
I was privileged to know such a wonderful woman, Nathalie Khalaf … so inspirational…
THANK YOU Nathalie…
I highly recommend this workshop if you are looking for finding answers, understanding more about your inner self.
It is simply, a gift to your future self, wrapped with love to healing your body, mind and soul.
Much Love, Huda xxx
(Huda Al Nabulsi, January 2021)


‘Nathalie, I wanted to thank you for triggering a change in me.
I’m feeling absolutely amazing, spiritually connected and balanced – I’m exactly where I’m supposed to
be!! Life is becoming so much easier and all I want just comes to me effortlessly – spiritually, professionally and financially.
All the best to you and thanks again. Lots of gratitude and positive energy from me to you.
(L.N. April 2021)


‘I did the chakra workshop with Nathalie! It was an enlightening experience. A journey of self-discovery & growth. So much knowledge, realisations, a real mind opener.’
(Bariya Ataya, April 2021)


‘I loved this course with all my heart! Learning about the power of our thoughts in this course with charming Nathalie has been the best time I’ve ever invested towards myself and we all owe this time and knowledge to growing ourselves and living a happier life. This course had so much information, it’s phenomenal! Mom & I are forever grateful to every minute and every discovery we embarked together with an incredible group here. Thank you to my body, thank you to this course … to great energy flowing across all my chakras.
Sincerely with all my love, Noor
(Noor Khawaja, April 2021)


‘Thank you, Nathalie, for the eye opening crash course to chakra’s which I have always heard about it and wanted to know of… your workshop is for me a perfect way to start this knowledge, it gave me the keys to so many doors in myself and beyond. I came out of this course with the awareness of my responsibility towards my own wellbeing which I consider a critical thing in our lives.’
(Nermeen Abu Dail, April 2021)


‘The 7 week chakra sessions were life changing. It gave me new perspective on how I look at life and my body. It is educational. Makes you leave with new tools and knowledge.’
Mohammad AlBanna, October 2022